Mix biografi - Bernard Löhr 

Här är ett urval av de produktioner, utöver Mono Music's utgivning, som har mixats i Mono Music Studio.

 ABBA  ABBA in Concert  Universal Music  5.1 surround DVD-mix 
 ABBA  ABBA the Movie  Universal Music  5.1 surround DVD-mix 
 Ace of Base  He decides  La Carr Music  
 Ace of Base  Love of my life  La Carr Music  
 Ace of Base  Every time it rains  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Another Level  Be alone  Cutfather & Joe Productions  No. 6 on UK chart 
 Another Level  Freak me  Cutfather & Joe Productions  No. 1 on UK chart 
 Andrea Martin  Breakin of my heart  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Andrea Martin  Steppin  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 All Saints  I know where it's at  Cutfather & Joe Productions  No 6 on UK chart 

 Aqua  Cartoon Heroes   Universal Music Denmark  No. 4 on UK chart 
 Aqua  Good guys  Universal Music Denmark  
 Aqua  Aquarius  Universal Music Denmark  
 Aqua  Goodbye to the circus  Universal Music Denmark  
 BB Mak  Only when it rains  Murlyn Music  
 BB Mak  Emily song  Murlyn Music  
 Backstreet Boys  It's true  Cheiron  
 Backstreet Boys  The answer to our life  Cheiron  
 Bellefire  Perfect bliss  Virgin UK  
 Bellefire  I can make you  Virgin UK  

 Billie Piper  Party on the phone  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Billy Crawford  Supernatural lovin  Murlyn Music  
 Billy Crawford  Come into my life  Murlyn Music  
 Britney Spears  Walk on by  Cheiron  
 Britney Spears  Girl in the mirror  Cheiron  
 Britney Spears  The joy of Pepsi  A-Side Productions  
 Brand New Heavies  You've got a friend  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Brownstone  Kiss and tell  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Celine Dion  CouldaWouldaShoulda  The Location  
 Celine Dion  I'm alive  The Location  

 Celine Dion  The greatest reward  The Location  
 Dane Bowers  It feels so natural  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Conner Reeves  Father's son  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Five  All the things  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Five  It's the things you do  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Five  Until the time has gone  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Five  When I remember  Cutfather & Joe Productions   
 Gareth Gates  Evergreen  A-Side Productions  No. 1 on UK chart 
 Gareth Gates  Anyone of us  A-Side Productions  No. 1 on UK chart  
 Gareth Gates  Forever blue  A-Side Productions  

 Gareth Gates  Lies  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  Listen to my heart  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  Nothings gonna stop  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  Skeletons  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  To soon to say  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  Walk on by  A-Side Productions  
 Gareth Gates  With you all the time  A-Side Productions  
 Human Nature  Love I a fire  La Carr Music  
 Human Nature  Angel of my heart  La Carr Music
 Human Nature  Whisper my name  Cheiron  

 H & Claire  You're the lovesong  Shane Songs  
 Il Divo  Mama  Quizlarossi  
 Il Divo  Parte ormai de mei  Quizlarossi  
 Jacynthe  Maniac  Edel  
 Jacynthe  The secret...  Edel  
 Kwsei  Lovely  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Laura Pausini  Everyday is a monday  Atlantic  US single
 Lauren Waterworth  That's why you...  Quizlarossi  
 Lauren Waterworth  Bet you never  Quizlarossi  
 Leah  The moment  Sony Music Australia

 Leah  A little messed up  Sony Music Australia  
 Leah  It's alright  Sony Music Australia  
 Lutricia McNeal  Stranded  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Lutricia McNeal  Dreadlock refugee  Bonnier  
 Lyndelle  Doin' it all  Universal Music Australia  
 Lyndelle  I won't confess  Universal Music Australia  
 Lyndelle  Runaway  Universal Music Australia  
 Mamma Mia Movie  The Soundtrack  Littlestar Services Limited  > 3 million albums
 Meja  Meja (Album)  La Carr Music  > 1 million albums
 M2M  Pretty Boy  Cheiron

 Natural  Someone to love  BMG  
 Robyn  Underneath the heart  BMG  
 Six-Popstars/Ireland  Made me a woman  Quizlarossi  
 Six-Popstars/Ireland  Whole lotta  Quizlarossi  
 Six-Popstars/Ireland  This is it  Quizlarossi  
 Shola Ama  You're the one  Cutfather & Joe Productions  
 Steps  It's the way you...  Cheiron  
 Will Young-Popidol  Evergreen  A-Side Productions  No. 2 on UK chart
 Westlife  If I let you go  Cheiron  No. 1 on UK chart
 Westlife  Evergreen  A-Side Productions  No. 1 on UK chart

 Westlife  Why do I love you  A-Side Productions  
 Westlife  Walk away  A-Side Productions  
 Westlife  Skeletons  A-Side Productions  
 Westlife  I cry  A-Side Productions  
 Westlife  I promise you that  Jarl Entertainment  
 Westlife  Written in the stars  Jarl Entertainment   
 Westlife  Tunnel of love  Cheiron  
 Westlife  Looking like that  Cheiron  
 Westlife  Try again  Cheiron  
 Westlife  My love  Cheiron  No. 1 on UK chart

 Westlife  Soledad  Cheiron  
 Westlife  Dreams come true  Cheiron  
 Westlife  I lay my love on you  Cheiron  
 Westlife  The puzzle of my heart  Cheiron  
 Westlife  Obvious  Quizlarossi  
 Westlife  When a woman  Quizlarossi  
 Westlife  Story of love  Murlyn Music  
 Westlife  Til the end of time  Murlyn Music  
 Westlife  Don't calm the storm  Murlyn Music  
 Westlife  Tonight 's special  Murlyn Music